Romance and Reality – Principals/Integrity

Do you feel it’s fine to take some supplies from the company you work for?  Does your partner think it’s okay to buy black-market products knowing full well they were stolen?  Do you feel it’s alright to have an affair or share? Do you think a ‘little white lie’ is fine and even necessary because the truth might hurt – others or even you?   Do you seek dangerous activities or a calm, sedentary life-style?  All these questions and countless more are what makes you an individual.

It is often said opposites attract and some opposite views might be important.  I am thinking specifically of negative and positive people.  If both partners think the cup is half empty a relationship might suffer depressing times.

But if too many of your principals are compromised, there might be problems and as the relationship loses its excitement, resentment and depression might require a Councillor to get back on track. Often, without realizing it, by going along with another’s idea of right and wrong,  you have compromised your own principals.  If that happens I can guarantee you will not be happy.

Understanding both your own and your partner’s principals are very important to a happy relationship. People can change and it happens creating a happy relationship.  The important thing to remember is – a person must change themselves, you cannot change them just because you want to.