Like Mother, Like Son

Sometimes my son’s abilities to write make me proud.  He is off on his own now, supporting his wife and child.  Sometimes he posts very humorous posts on Facebook.  I connect and laugh.  It snowed and he likes snow for a different reason than most –  as you can see.

He posted:

Well well well , look who finally decided to show up! What’s the matter old man winter were u too busy puttin a bone to mother nature to show up on time?  U lazy crusty old bastard.  Some folks are counting on u.   If I was God I’d fire your ass, but I’m just a simple tow truck driver tryin to honestly exploit the misery of other people , tryin to pay back the karma of ass hole drivers! ……..(Hey Old man winter ……. Yer a bitch)

Thank you, my son, for giving me a laugh today.