Personal Journeys: – Respect

There is such an obvious lack of respect happening in our society.  Is it because we are pushing away from faith and hope?  My own personal thoughts say it is so.  One needs only to read headlines on a daily basis to see it’s happening. This lack of respect cannot be comprehended by many and I certainly can’t comprehend it.  Why?  What is happening?   I gathered these incidents in just a few days – without even searching.

An elderly woman’s nose is cut off

…Teens kill a man ‘for the fun of it – because they were bored’. 

…A man is left brain-dead, shot because someone hates whites

There is no respect left inside for many people it seems.  I would think it might be self-respect as well.  If you are pursuing the pleasures society is offering abundantly and condoning it – there has to come a time when you feel degraded and disgusted – even if you only admit it to yourself. Believing – like you are being taught now – that there will be no punishment is a scenario many love to think will be – until you realise – your punishment may well be happening right now.A letter from Heaven

Again, it’s never too late to repent.  It’s never too late to change.  I am not a believer of ‘doom and gloom’.  I do not believe God is so cruel He will deny you if you don’t attend a church or belong to a group.  I do believe God sees and hears everything and only you and God can truly know whether you are living/saying things that are lies or the truth.  He knows. That belief helps me to respect others – including those who don’t believe in God.  It is your choice and not up to me to judge either way.  I just ponder over the possibility that by taking God from our society – we might just be teaching lack of respect and a selfish attitude to our children.

Just watching society behavior is showing me that there are too many ‘followers of something evil and degrading’ who just need to be taught what is right and wrong. Give our children a chance to see both sides so they are able to make choices as adults.Have faith