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Lauren MarreroMy debut novel – Seducing the Laird, is a historical romance set in the year 1505. This is my favorite time in history, the Early Modern world, when Europe was shaking off the confines of the ‘dark ages’ and moving into something new and exciting. New advantages in technology, printing and social revolutions were beginning. A brave, new world across the Atlantic Ocean was made known to explorers, and many, many people spent their days trying to uncover the riches to be had.

As an English major at the University of California, Berkeley, I delved into the early modern world of poets like Shakespeare and Ben Johnson. I loved trying to piece together the mysteries of Christopher Marlowe’s death.

During several trips abroad I was able to walk in the footsteps of those visionaries, visiting London and Canterbury, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Vienna, and many other cities. My poor traveling companions had to suffer through my exuberance as I frequently spotted a rambling castle in the distance and demanded an impromptu excursion. It all fed my imagination and eventually manifested itself in my writings.

Seducing the Laird by Lauren MarreroSeducing the Laird was not the book I intended to write when I first sat down with a notebook and pen, but through many revisions, edits, headaches and heartaches, it developed into its final version. I wanted a heroine I could relate to, an intelligent woman that wasn’t coddled by society, Verena wasn’t born into luxury or privilege, but learned how to survive (and thrive) by her wits. She was an excellent spy and had an adopted family of agents for support. However, it wasn’t until she met Cairn McPherson, the laird of a struggling Scottish clan, that she realized survival wasn’t enough. She needed love.

Seducing the Laird – Love is the truest of all treasures…

Beautiful and skilled, Verena is the perfect temptress for hire-and the ruthless English Lord Gundy knows it. When she’s sent to seduce Cairn McPherson-Gundy’s enemy and key to a fabled Scottish treasure-Verena never expects her prey to be such a brave, honorable man. And she never expects to have to choose between her family of spies and the one man who could win her love. Nearly destitute, Cairn is set on raising his once-thriving clan from the ashes. His final hope is the lost McPherson treasure, rumored to be hidden somewhere in his dead father’s castle. Though she has nursed him back to health, can he really trust Verena to stand loyally by his side-or is there a treachery in her heart that could destroy the McPhersons once and for all?

Tell us a little on your experiences in publishing:   If someone told me that writing the book was the easy part, I would have laughed in their face! This was my first novel, my baby that I edited and re-edited again and again. I thought when it was published I could forget about it and move on to the next project. Guess again. Suddenly I had to conquer a new beast called MARKETING. Comparatively speaking, writing was easier because it was my private pain. Promotion and advertising exists in the public world where people are constantly looking at me, studying me and reviewing my work. When the book came out it was time to be a big girl, straighten my shoulders, and let the world know I had something to say.

Were there any authors who influenced you or helped?:   Teresa Medieros is one of my favorite authors of all time. Her book, Once an Angel, was the first romance novel I ever read and certainly changed my thoughts about the genre. Before that I was dismissive of romance as something for women with unrealistic views on life. Yeah. I was a brat. But all that changed when I read something that made me fall in love with the characters and gave me a more positive view on romance. Years later I emailed Teresa to thank her for being so awesome and let her know I was also thinking of writing romance. I wasn’t really expecting a response, considering how much fan mail she must receive, but she replied and encouraged me to follow my dreams!

What advice would you give new authors?:   When I first began writing I wasn’t quite ready for all the attention I would receive and to put it mildly, it freaked me out. Once published, people I hardly knew began giving advice and asking impertinent questions. It can be overwhelming at first, but take a deep breath and allow yourself to be grateful for the attention and that you know people eager to help. Listen to everyone’s advice politely, consider what they have to say, but then do what you think is best. No matter what, this is your book and represents you.

Best experience when writing:   I love that Zen-like feeling when I am completely engrossed in a scene. My eyes become unfocused as I type, half-dreaming of a faraway place where typos and punctuation marks don’t matter. If I have trouble concentrating at home I’ll sneak off to a local coffee shop or library and terrify the local patrons with my curious stare. No, I’m not looking at you. I’m dreaming of knights and assassins.

Worst experience when writing:   Writers block is the bane of my existence, though I’m beginning to realize it’s mostly self-inflicted. Writing takes discipline and I, unfortunately, am easily distracted. Over the years I have learned not to write where there are things competing for my attention. It is often difficult to concentrate knowing the television, Internet, and phone are waiting for me. There is so much to do! Surely I can take a little break to check email… Hours later when I have done everything except write, I blame writers block!

Experience:   I am a contributing author in the UnCONventional short story anthology (2012). Other stories and poems have been published in ZigZag Stories (2011), Mirror Dance (2009), The Fifth Di… (2009), and FirstWriter (2008) magazines..

Seducing the Laird was released by Black Lyon Publishing, LLC on October 15, 2011.

Seducing the Laird is available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Please visit my website address: – Lauren Marrero

I want to thank Lauren for participating and wish the best in her future accomplishments.

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4 thoughts on “Lauren Marrero

  1. I read you book–it was incredibly well written. I was thoroughly entertained from the very first page. So writing style is so descriptive; I connected with every character. Wonderful job of developing a really believable storyline.

  2. A wonderful read. Intrigue, suspense, a strong heroine and a hero to match her, combined with fascinating history makes this a must for all romance readers. Great writing Lauren.

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