T. M. Marie

Interview with T. M. Marie

website:   T.M. Marie

T. M. Marie author photoTell us a little about yourself:   I was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. I write contemporary and paranormal romance novels.

Harvest Moon by T.M. MarieTell us a little about your books:   Harvest Moon – Book 1 in the Wendigo Series – Myra McClure, orphaned at birth, found herself struggling in life, trying to search out a place to fit in until one snow-covered night her life suddenly took a strange new turn. In rescuing a very special horse, she entered a world unlike anything she had ever known. Wolves, horses, and human-like animals woke Myra to the world of the Wendigo. A world she didn’t understand at first but a world she wanted to be part of despite the dangers that came with it. She learned about trust, loyalty and most of all how to love.

Alex Wade, head of his own Wendigo clan, offered Myra the protection of his clan and in doing so lost his heart to this strong-willed, sarcastic unconventional woman. Wendigos didn’t take humans as life mates but Alex began to learn Myra was no ordinary human. She had a gift with horses, evident in the rescue of a horse he spent years finding. While his own clan is ready to accept Myra into the fold, he must struggle with his own fears of the past and mostly the animal within.

Wolf Moon by T.M. Marie

Wolf Moon  – Book 2 in the Wendigo Series – Allemena Wade, daughter of an influential Wendigo clan leader was rebellious to her station in life. She wanted more and defied her father every time she could in her pursuit of her own independence. She never thought that day would come that she’d have a chance to live her own life, until one day her father told her he had picked someone for her. Arranged unions were barbaric and Allemena planned to fight it every step of the way. Then she met, Aaron Thompson. He was overbearing, pushy, with a set direction of demanding her complete compliance. She could never fall in love with someone like that, could she? Aaron Thompson never had intention of falling for a stubborn, spoiled socialite like Allemena Wade. She was just a means to an end. Once he proved himself by entering and winning the Wolf Moon Horse Race he planned to send her packing back to her clan. He didn’t need more heartache from his already clouded past but there was no denying his instant attraction to this hard headed woman who was about to turn his world upside down.

Comments on your Experiences in publishing:    Harvest Moon, my debut novel received wonderful reviews the first year out. It was very satisfying to know all my hard work paid off. All I can add to that is, it’s a continual learning process. It’s not an easy road but the satisfaction of seeing your work in print makes it all worth it in the end.

Were there any authors who influenced you or helped?: – Do I have to name just one? There are no many great authors who give rise to the creative flow in all of us. As for me, I have many writing friends who encouraged me to seek out my path.

What advice would you give new authors?:   Never give up. It’s a hard world to compete in and there are always road blocks which will discourage you but perseverance will help guide you to your ultimate goal.

Best experience when writing:   Allowing the creative mind free reign on paper without consequence or judgment.

Worst experience when writing:   Editing – yuck hate doing it but a necessary evil.

Tell us about your experience:   I am currently working towards studies in Journalism. I worked as a horse trainer for many years and it’s that love which I incorporate into everything I write.

Publication Dates:

Harvest Moon” Released March 2011 Book 1-The Wendigo Series

Wolf Moon” Released Feb 2012 Book 2- The Wendigo Series


The Lost City Of Torian” – to be released May 2012

Crescent Moon” – To be released March 2013 – Book 3- The Wendigo Series

Where can we purchase your book: Books are for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Visit my website to learn more at: T. M. Marie

I want to thank T. M. Marie for participating. Good luck in all your projects.

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