T.L. Spencer

Interview with T.L. Spencer

T.L. Spencer


Tell us a little about yourself:   My name is Terri-Louise Spencer, I’m twenty years old, I live in Cleethorpes, NE Lincolnshire (UK) and when I was eleven, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I adore animals and love things paranormal. The genre of my book is paranormal romance.

Tell us about your novel:

Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three by T.L.Spencer

Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three is written in three parts.

Blood Angel, when a young stranger, Gregori, starts at her school, Selene’s world changes dramatically. Her once dull and lonely life becomes exciting and dangerous. With vampires and werewolves around every corner, Selene must make a choice between love, death and the fate of the world.

Blood Past, Selene, Gregori and Sariel move to Ireland to seek out an ally, Aynia O’Connor, a powerful enchantress with the power to heal.

Blood Sight, time is of the essence. Betrayed, the enchantresses must work quickly to find Lalinn Crenshaw and convince her to join their mission before the entire world falls to chaos.

What are your experiences in publishing?   The entire process has been extremely interesting, with everybody working like demons to meet specific deadlines. Proof-readers, cover designers… everyone works tirelessly to ensure that the product (book) is the best that it can be. For me, it has been intriguing and slightly overwhelming.

Were there any authors who influenced you or helped?   There are plenty of authors whose books I love to read: J.R Ward, Kerrelyn Sparks, Louise Allen… I suppose they influenced me in some ways.

What advice would you give new authors?   Write, write and write some more. Never give up and always enjoy yourself. There is no point in hating your work. If you don’t like it, it isn’t writing; it’s just scribble.

What is your best experience when writing?   Finishing my first romantic sequence. I had never written one before and they are really hard! It was satisfying to finish it and have a decent bit of work at the end of it.

What is your worst experience when writing?   Writing dialogue; I loathe dialogue. It is really difficult.

Experience/Credentials:   I am a new writer. Though I am currently gaining experience in the various fields, Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three is my first novel.

Publication Date:   Blood Prophecy: The Fated Three was released December 10, 2012.

Where people can buy your book including your web-site?   My e-book is available from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Nook and many other companies. For details click here.

Ways to contact me:

My blog: http://terrispencer.blogspot.co.uk

Twitter: @terrilspencer and @apostrophebooks

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/authortlspencer and www.facebook.com/apostrophebooksltd

Good luck Terri for success in your writing endeavours – now and in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview.

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