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Jon McDonald

About Jon:    I have six books of fiction of various genres. I like to do what I call genre-bending. I like to take a genre and turn it on its head and tweak it and look at the genre from a different viewpoint. For example my thriller The Seed – an ironic political thriller takes the political thriller and looks at the genre with humor and introduces a gay hero. All my books definitely have a humorous view point no matter the genre.

Books by Jon McDonald:

  • Divas Never Flinch – a comedy of manners Set in Santa Fe, New Mexico battles never cease, and sparks fly, when Sonora and Connye, the two grand Divas of the Santa Fe Social Scene, strategize to best each other in a no-holds-barred look at adventures in social one-ups-man-ship. Auntie Mame meets Desperate Housewives.
  • Divas in Cahoots – a comedy of murder Heiress Bella Harrington-Crenshaw Found Divas in Cahoots by Jon McdonaldMurdered – that was the shocking headline that rocked the quiet and complacent Santa Fe social scene. And one of their own just might have been the murderer. What rancor could have caused one of these sweet, mild tempered ladies to commit such an atrocious act? Or were there other unknown forces at work? International spies, senatorial murder, blackmail, art theft, hidden identities, and a masquerading drag queen, all humorously complicate a simple resolution to this tangled mystery. First introduced in Divas Never Flinch, this cast of irascible characters returns with new delights and magnificent battles.
  • The Seed – an ironic political thriller? The new conservative U.S. President must contend with the revelation by his environmentalist son of an illegal act that he, as a presidential candidate, committed to get elected, unleashing a deluge of trouble for both men.
  • BloodlinesThe Quest – A European vampire terrorizes the small town of Bloodlines---the-QuestBrampton, Ohio. His goal is to turn the blame for his bloody rampage upon a colony of mutant vampires living secretly in the midst of this unsuspecting town.
  • Gotta Dance with the One Who Brung Ya – sex, scandals and sweethearts An adventurous collection of short stories
  • The Hunt for the Lost Treasure of Lower Kal Ory – This a middle grade children’s book. It’s an adventure and a cookbook in one. With the intent to introduce healthful international cooking for kids.

Experiences in publishing:   My first book was published a subsidy publisher. While their work was satisfactory in preparing the book for publication I found they did almost nothing when it came to promotion and marketing. I then found another small publisher for two other of my books and I finally took my first book back and gave it to my second publisher. Again I worked very well with them in preparing the books for publication, but again found they did almost no marketing. It was then I decided to self-publish the rest of my books. And while it was a lot of work I was very happy doing the work myself. I created Kindle books and printed version of my last three books. And of course the marketing fell entirely on me, but at least I was in total control and feel that in time I will achieve my marketing goals.

Authors who helped or influenced me:   I did not have any help from other authors, but, of course, I was influenced by many others. My first influence would have to be E.F. Benson, a British author of the 1920’s and 30’s. He wrote a series of satirical novels of small town English life all put together and titled Make Way for Lucia. I loved these books so much I decided to take a look at the Santa Fe social scene with a Benson-like eye and thus was born my first novel – Divas Never Flinch. I would have to say that other authors of influence would be Michael Cunningham, Ethan Mordden, Leonard Cohen, and Jane Austen.

Any Advice for new authors?   Absolutely understand before you start that you are going to have to market your work yourself. And I would strongly suggest you self-publish. That is how it is going to be. Be creative and be yourself and use your own voice.

What is your Best experience when writing:   I guess I’d have to call it being in the flow. My characters write my books. I just tune into them and let them lead me. If I try to go off track and use my noodle I get lost. But if I totally surrender and let them guide me the story just flows.

What is your worst experience when writing:   None really. I just love it all and, as I said, if I stay in the flow it just blossoms. But having to market is definitely the worst part of writing for me. I abhor social media so I flounder to find ways to market without twitter. I don’t even have a cell phone, but then I’m a Luddite by nature.

What are your credentials and experience?   I was an author of plays and screenplays before I turned to fiction. I have been published in numerous literary journals – mostly online and won first place in a fiction contest sponsored by the Santa Fe New Mexican.

All my books are available at including e-books and print versions.

I want to thank Jon for this intriguing glimpse into his writings. I wish him all the best in his writing endeavors.

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