John Lavan

Interview with John Lavan

Poems from Reality
Beautiful Word Poems

John Lavan

John Lavan writes Poetry – ‘I’m a born-again poet starting after 50 and (finally) finding my passion!’

His book is called FAMILIAL. It is a book of SELECTED POEMS – an e-book of poems that will touch your soul – money back guarantee.

The author who influenced John the most was Emily Dickinson.

John’s advice to all new/up-coming authors: – Keep going and steal mercilessly.

John’s best experience in writing is – Getting in touch with my real feelings for my son Andrew, who has Down’s.

John Lavin is published in American magazines and e-zines. He has won prizes in UK poetry competitions.

Familial was Published in August 2012

Familial Selected Poems by John Lavan

You can find Familial – this beautiful collection of poems at:

To learn more about John Levan please visit:

Poems from Reality
Beautiful Word Poems

Thank you, John for the opportunity to discuss your works. Good luck on all future endeavors.

To find out how you can participate go to Questionnaire for Authors under Writer’s Corner.


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