Daniel Blanchard

Interview with Daniel Blanchard

website: www.GranddaddysSecrets.com

David Blanchard

Genre:  Fictional Teen Leadership.

My name is Daniel Blanchard and I’m an inner-city school teacher for the last two decades who has gone through 12-years of college and has earned 7-degrees. In addition, I have also written two teen leadership books. And I am almost done with the third.

Your books:  I have written a teen leadership series feeling-luckycalled Granddaddy’s Secrets. The first book of this series is called, ‘Feeling Lucky?’ and it’s about a struggling 10th grader who lives in a rough neighborhood, and a rough home, and attends a rough school. He is trying to not lose hope when one day his mysterious and estranged Granddaddy, a former WWII fighter-pilot, shows up and plants some seeds in his mind of what it really means to be a winner, leader, and a real man.

Granddaddy's-SecretsThe second book is called, ‘Feeling Good’ and it’s the 11th grade story of this teen boy who is trying to find his Granddaddy again because he feels that he needs more mentoring. While he and his girlfriend are looking for his Granddaddy he finds out a lot more about himself, his Granddaddy, and life. In addition, he realizes that now he is also starting to talk like his Granddaddy whenever he tries to explain things to her.

What have your experiences in publishing been like:  It’s been a wonderful experience for me. I am now even the founder and chairman of Northeast Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association. If there are any frustrations in this, it’s getting my message out to more of the people who need it.

Were there any authors who influenced you or helped?  Sadly, no authors helped in the beginning. But once my first book was published then I had more people interested in reading and commenting on the manuscript of my second book. I was very grateful for this, and am very grateful for the ones that are helping me on my third book.

What advice would you give new authors?  Set your alarm to the same time every day and write every day, even if it’s only for 10-minutes. Also, give yourself permission to write badly at first.

What is your best experience when writing?  When I write things and then wonder where that came from.

What is your worst experience when writing?  When someone criticizes my work.

What are your Credentials/Experience?  12-years of college with seven degrees. I am an Award-winning author. I am presently writing my third teen leadership book. I wrote a section of the 10th edition of, Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools. This is a graduate level textbook that has been released to teacher preparation programs all over the world. I write four weekly teen leadership newspaper columns. Finally, January Jones wrote a book called, “Priceless Personalities” and I am the topic of chapter 6.

Publication Dates:  ‘Feeling Lucky?’ was published in 2010. ‘Feeling Good’ was published in 2012. And my third book of my Granddaddy’s Secrets series called, ‘Feeling Strong!’ should be published this 2013-2014 winter season.

Where can people buy your books and your web-site? 

Visit Daniel at: www.GranddaddysSecrets.com

Thank you Daniel for the opportunity to interview and hear your fascinating story. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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3 thoughts on “Daniel Blanchard

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  2. this man is the GREATEST teacher/mentor/ wrestling coach ive ever had!!! he deserves all the blessings in the world and i hope he know how much i appreciated him truly, i was in his 7th grade class back in 1999 i believe.. he was truly inspirational and even tho i had a tough life, he was always in my mind as one of.the good ones! one of the good teachers that left a lasting imprint on me and who actually cared… thank u mr blanchard, i was that kid and u were the grandpa, for real!! -Louis Hernandez

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