Dan Baron

Interview with Dan Baron

website: My Human Compassion

Dan Baron

Name: Dan Baron is a My Human Compassion experience aka (MHC) Baron

Title of Book: Looking Glass Shattered : Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds

Looking Glass Shattered by Dan Baron

My Human Compassion (MHC) has over fifteen years of writing experience.

MHC is an outdoor enthusiast, philosopher, first nation healer, humanity activist, CEO of a self-publishing firm, human civil rights leader, and world traveler. MHC has the ability to give unique healing through compassion, photography, education, and tools.

Each of us has different ideas of what healing is and we have many options.

This diary gives the advice that you and your family needs so you will make the most informed decisions on what healing choices work best for you.

You are now on your own personal journey to discover new ways to heal and I am very proud of you!

MHC is here to guide you through your own unique spiritual journey.

I look forward to meeting you soon in the wilderness and the cities.

Amazon Links on Kindle & soft copy:

Amazon – Kindle Edition

Amazon – Paperback

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Twitter: @myhumancompass



This channel has my book trailer, interviews, podcasts, and radio interviews:

  • UTube Channel: MHC Baron

Reviews for my book on Amazon

Thank you Dan for the opportunity to interview you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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2 thoughts on “Dan Baron

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  2. San Diego 09/17/2915

    Greetings Mary:

    If you will, please delete the review of my book Looking Glass Shattered at this link.


    I have rewritten my memoirs and they are completely different now than when I had written this version of the book.

    Thank you in advance for deleting this review.


    Roy Dan (‘Backpack’) Baron
    Author Looking Glass Shattered

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