Barcelo Resort – Dominican Republic – #5

Outside the resort was a little shopping mall, where many people were eager to sell tourists services and items.  It was a pleasant two-block walk from the resort.

Prostitution is legal in the Dominican.  I was told a horror story of young girls forced to make money for??????????????????????????????? their pimps.  When I was in the little mall there was the cutest young girl who insisted she give me first a pedicure and then a manicure.  She was so cute and I was somewhat fearful she needed the money.  So – I was conned as she painted my nails – jagged edges, no filing.  But she was so friendly and cheerful I didn’t regret my decision. However, when she wanted to braid my hair – I resisted.  I don’t like anything in my hair.??????????????????????????????? Inside little cafe beside private pool ???????????????????????????????

Barcelo Resort – Dominican Republic – #4

The resort was on the ocean. The colors of the water were beautiful.   We enjoyed going down to the ocean and taking walks along the shore.  Once Nola ventured too far into the waters.  If you stand in the sand you start sinking. I enjoyed the feeling.  But Nola stood too long and before we could do anything a wave washed over her and knocked her down. She was carrying her bag of things she needed.  Nola is very leary of the water and was a little scared.  But all ended well. The sea-food cafe/bar was right on the beach. We sat and enjoyed a drink while Nola’s things dried out.   Nola goes into the ocean Nola comes out of the ocean - after falling. Barcelo Resort - Drying out Nola's stuff

Vacation – Dominican Republic – Barcelo Resort #3

People at the resort were friendly and so helpful.  It seemed as though many were friends and helpers.  There was so many different ways the people made us feel special and welcome.

From our own personal receptionist ???????????????????????????????right across from our rooms who always answered our questions,  to our own special waiterWith our own special waiter #2 who would bring us drinks and whatever food we wanted as we sat by our special ‘pool’,??????????????????????????????? it was definitely a time for relaxing.

At my favorite bar, the bartender would say – just for you, beautiful lady I will make a daiquiri. Although he said this to others – it always made me feel good.  The maids went out of their way when doing our rooms. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????We were pampered with amazing cheerfulness.

Vacation – Dominican Republic – Barcelo Resort – Part 1

The sights were so different to me when I left the harsh, cold Canadian winter for the tropics.  We sat on the patio to watch this unique task. A man was cutting down coconuts – and as I watched the dangling rope he climbed up and cloth holding him up – I wondered what our labor laws would demand for this job.  He then chopped them open by our patio Then smiling handed us a coconut to drink the juice.

The people in the Dominican Republic were so friendly and nice.

man climbing coconut tree fresh coconuts coconut milk

Vacation – The Dominican Republic

My wonderful brother offered me an idyllic holiday to recuperate from my operation.  The experience was amazing and wonderful.  It was winter in the Dominican but the foliage and flowers were astounding.  All I could think was we ‘Canadians’ certainly know how to spend a harsh winter.

The hibiscus trees were blooming and had numerous little hummingbirds flitting around.  I just can’t seem to capture those delightful little creatures on camera.

These are a number of flowering bushes along the stone fence that surrounded the villa my brother has in the Dominican Republic.

flowering tree flowering tree flowering tree flowering tree flowering tree ???????????????????????????????