Calgary – a short history

Calgary is situated in the foothills of the Blue Canadian Rockies, where the snow-capped mountains often look as though they are painted on the sky for an awesome picture to view when you have your morning coffee.  The weather is moderate.  Although there is a saying in Calgary ‘If you don’t like the weather – wait 10 minutes and it will change.’

Calgary Skyline

Calgary Skyline

Calgary is Canada’s newest city and in my opinion, by far the cleanest city.  With the head-offices for oil companies galore, it has the largest population of Americans outside the USA in the world. Most people share optimism and a desire to work and thrive.

Calgary is situated on the clear, clean waters of the Bow River – which runs out of the glacier fed waters of Lake Louise.  It was originally a popular gathering point for the Blackfoot natives.  The Bow River was a  place where the tree branches were material for bow and arrows.  With a chinook that can blow through often, the temperatures could warm and the snow go away at any time, including the winters.

A fort was established in 1875 by the North-West Mounted Police and the original founder – Sam Livingstone – was already settled in the area;  The fort was called Calgary which is Gaelic for ‘swift waters’.

The Bow River flooding

The settlers of the area were mainly ranchers and often those ‘second-sons’ of aristocrats.  The Canadian Pacific Railroad ran through Calgary and created a settlement of what is known as ‘China Town’ now as well as a landmark hotel made of sandstone – The Palliser, which is still in downtown Calgary.

Calgary was a small settlement until oil was discovered in the Turner Valley, Black Diamond area and in the early 1900’s the city started thriving.  There has been no looking back.  Calgary is a bustling, thriving city where it always seemed to me – about every 10 years, old dirty buildings/areas are torn down and new, clean buildings replace them. Some people don’t appreciate that – but to me Calgarians definitely understand the difference between old junk and real heritage landmarks.  There are old buildings that are maintained of course.

It is a transient city and may be a reason people are so friendly.  My two sons were born in Calgary but that seems to be a rarity. Most people seem to come to Calgary to work.  My romance story One Dance with a Stranger takes place in Calgary.  My romance story Alberta Wild Rose takes place in Calgary’s fascinating surrounding area (the Lost Lemon Mine) and the story I am working on now Seraphim will mainly take place in Calgary.

The book – Calgary, Spirit of the West by Hugh A. Dempsey is a great book on the history of Calgary.

Here are a few websites with information on visiting Calgary.

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Calgary, Alberta

I always loved Calgary, even as a child.  Calgary meant an exciting, vibrant city. When I finally went there, it was all I thought and better. The first time I saw the city at night, the lights were awesome.

Now, although I don’t live there I long to return.  I have a son who lives there with my new grand-daughter and the friends I made are fantastic.  They still live in Calgary.  Most of my close relatives live there or near there.  Sometimes I feel so isolated.

Two of my stories are set in or around Calgary.   Alberta Wild Rose, a historical romance is set in the surrounding area of Calgary.  And One Dance with a Stranger, a contemporary romance is set in Calgary.

The story I’m working on, Seraphim, also takes place mainly in Calgary.

 This is a picture my son took just recently – Calgary, Alberta 2012


This is a picture my friend took a few years ago when leaving Calgary.

Thank you Carol of Malibu Dreams Photography. 

As there is no Tim Horton’s where I live now, using Adobe Photoshop, I inserted a cup of my favorite brew into another picture Carol (Malibu Dreams Photography) took at Lake Louise, near Calgary.

Seraphim – by Mary M. Forbes

This story is not a romance although there are romantic elements in the book.  It is a story of abuse and overcoming grief.  It is a fiction work in progress.

My goal is to help women understand there is always hope and peace at the end of a dark tunnel, provided we are willing to take control of our own lives.  I understand the obstacles including financial or low self-esteem that make this seem impossible.  Everyone deserves happiness in their life.

“Every tomorrow has two handles.  We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.”

–          Henry Ward Beecher

In the winds of time, the past is abstract, as though incidents long ago are a dream.  But sometimes in the darkness of fear, the past feels like yesterday, tangible and rift with raw  emotions.

Today, the past is the present for Delaney Salem.

The fear and confusion she experienced thirteen years ago comes back intensified a hundred-fold.  Why would God, if there was a God, do this to her?  For a short time, in her childhood, she had believed that good could conquer evil.  It was fleeting thought, wafted away in the winds.  She has only experienced the power of evil with no relief.

Delaney Salem wants to escape her marriage, but she fears her husband’s power as a Sheriff. She feels abandoned by her religion considering the hardships she is faced with for no apparent reason. She has no money, no skills and no one to help.

The unthinkable  happens when her daughter is violated by the same monster abusing her. Delaney knows she has no other choice but to run. She accepts there is no God and there are no Guardian Angels. She must leave using only her own questionable ingenuity.

A white, mystical horse named Seraphim comes to her when all seems lost. Delaney is confused, believing she is insane like so many people say. Is Seraphim her Guardian Angel or a figment of her imagination? Does she dare believe?

Follow Delaney’s struggle to find hope and happiness in her bleak world.

Seraphim – Coming in the spring of 2013

The name seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all-consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness”  

                      ……….Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia