The Pussy Willow

Pussy willow branch

Pussy Willow

The shrubs lining the full sloughs in the spring were the pussy willow.  It, along with the crocus, was the first sign of spring.  In the spring we often collected bouquets of pussy willows and coloring them with chalk we could make a cheerful flower arrangement to match our bedroom decor.


Thoughts of Spring

Wild Tiger Lily
Tiger Lilies/Saskatchewan’s flower emblem.

In the cold blustery weather of a 2013/2014 Canadian winter, my mind wanders to our spring.  Today thoughts of spring long ago brings the memory of my mother’s Mother’s Day flowers.

My dad would go out to the pastures and bring back a bouquet of the loveliest of flowers. The Tiger-Lily grew wild in the northern prairies, looking delicate but so hardy.  Their vibrant color and their unique beauty is in my mind today.

Personal Journey: – Compassion

Today with the internet, the news channels and modern technology we hear and see unbelievable atrocities being committed around the world.  So, in our way of trying to cope and understand, we make excuses for those atrocities – saying – it’s their society – let them be, it’s not their fault, it’s how they were raised, blaming Christianity for bad behavior. Then, as though we realize, by going this direction, we can really do nothing to stop it, we as individuals become numb to the horrors happening.  We can’t do anything about it so we block it out and move on dealing with our own selfish pleasures. We want to control at least our own destinies because all else seems out of control.Have a Good Day

But what if we, because we alone can’t stop what’s happening in the world, concentrate instead, on helping those we are in contact with – those around us instead.  Would this help stem the horrors of the world?  If we help our neighbors and our family to experience a better life can we create a better society?  I believe we can. So instead of trying to change the world – change yourself.  If you smile at a stranger on the bus – you may well help them have a better day.  Do you have to ‘know’?  Can you only believe you have helped someone if you ‘know’ you have?

My suggestion would be start with your family.  If you see a member of your family is depressed or worried or sad – do something to help them in the moment.  It doesn’t have to be money like some believe.  It could be something so simple as listening without judging, smiling or making them a cup of tea.  It could be a suggestion to do something that might cheer them up.Being a Grandma

My own personal peace has increased when I realized that my compassion and kindness can be a daily task – just helping those around me.  By being aware of other people’s problems and helping in whatever way I can I feel I am contributing to help the world, without leaving home.

Without realizing it I think we are going through a time of me-me-me, more than is good for me-me-me.  Once I could honestly place myself in someone else’s shoes, I then realized more peace, more tolerance and more respect for others.  Surprisingly, compassion is as simple as feeling and caring for others.

Life Changing Days – A Christmas Story


Glowing Christmas Tree in Snow

For the short time I have left here on earth, I am beautiful.  It’s odd those humans worry about the poor cow or chicken and never realize that I too am His creation.  I too hurt – I too bleed.  Is it because my blood is not red?  Do they not realize that what they call sap is our bleeding?  I hurt.  I cry.

I have been given a wisdom the humans don’t seem to understand – I am aware and know the laws of nature.  We are all the same – God’s creation.  Yet the more humans advance the more they ignore – the laws of nature.  Just as God supplies the rabbit for the hungry wolf – so too does he provide for humans.  Yet the longer they live the more they deny what is right – what is there – specifically for them.

Then as they place the angel on top my branches I understand this too.  I am beautiful with sparkling tinsel.  I am beautiful as the dim lights reflect off crystal angels.  I am beautiful with special ornaments of baby’s first Christmas or the ceramic candy cane he labored on so diligently at school.  I understand love – I understand giving.  I am a gift from the Creator.  Outside (they have placed me by a window) the moon streams down on the snow banks, glittering sparkles dot the purity.  The stars glitter distant and mysteriously in a dark, charcoal sky.  Of course, the North Star is the brightest.  They do not see what I see – they do not understand what I do.  What is important?

Now, as humans advance yet further and further – they seem to realize less and less.  They are more interested in what is wrapped beneath my branches – not the truth of that day called Christmas or why that is the name regardless of how they try to deny it.  Regardless of what they do, regardless of what they learn – there is one lesson that never seems to be learned.  No one escapes from dying – nothing escapes from leaving this place we call Earth.  It is not to be feared.  It is what it is.

A beam of light from the moon pours over me – and God lets me know – I too am a product of His creation.  I too will be taken into his loving arms.  I too am a symbol our Earth’s love and rejoice in the birth of God’s son, Jesus.  Merry Christmas to all that He has created with intricate, loving hands

Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset

Once upon a time there were two children, a brother and a sister.  Sunrise was a beautiful little girl usually all pastels and muted in the mornings, but occasionally she would pack a wallop just because she could.

...sailors take warning.

Sunset, the boy was usually vibrant reds and somber grays, but sometimes he was the soft gold that lights the skies, just because he could.

Calgary July sunset
The two children had so much fun hiding behind fluffy Cloud and peeking out to create colors as striking as anything their cousin, the elusive Rainbow did.


But they often thought Cloud was mean and cruel.  Cloud would cover the whole sky and no one could see how wonderful Sunrise and Sunset could create awesome pictures of delight. Sometimes Cloud created cold and wind, with icy pebbles that covered the ground in white for days on end.  Cloud was not only mean, but he was sometimes ugly as well, they decided, looking at the dead trees and covered plants.


So Sunrise and Sunset decided to see if their cousins Lightening and Thunder could help.  Thunder and Lightening were nearly grown and not nearly as intimidating as their father Sun.  Lightning and Thunder agreed to help the little children.

By using the Cloud when he towered up, Lightening gained enough speed he could sometimes break right through a heavy covered Cloud and show his jagged light flashing.  Thunder was heard, whether Cloud was big or Cloud was small.  But neither could make their incredible sights or sounds last for more than a moment.


Sunrise and Sunset first felt proud, realizing they could draw their pictures for much lengthier times than their cousins who were so much older.  But their pride was short-lived.  Cloud was deliberately covering whatever they had to offer the creatures below them.  It was as though he knew the children were complaining about him.

Finally they approached their busy father.  He was silent a long time and then nodded his head.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

They readily agreed it was exactly what they wanted.  If anyone could get rid of Cloud it was their powerful father.

Sunrise at Yumigahama Beach

For many days only Sun was in the clear skies.  The creatures on earth seemed happy as they danced and played in bright Sunshine every day.  But Sunrise and Sunset could not draw even one tiny picture of beauty.  Without Cloud, there was no reflection in the sky.  There was only clear sky which did not show their pictures at all.

Then tragedy struck everywhere.  Trees, plants and even creatures started dying.  Slowly the whole earth looked wilted and sad.  Sunrise and Sunset cried and cried.  Finally, their father took time from his busy duties and approached them.  He looked exhausted.   Moon, his lovely wife, came out to relieve him.

Moon - August 17th

“Are you sure this is what you want?”  He asked again.

This time both children shook their heads.  No, this was not what they wanted at all.  They knew they needed Cloud.  So did the world.  Cloud gave water to the plants, trees and even the creatures. Cloud was not mean and cruel, like they thought.  Everyone needed Cloud, but especially they did.  Without Cloud they couldn’t draw their pretty pictures.

Sky with orange color

Next time you think you know something – first check it out to make sure you’re right.

He Creates


Calgary July sunset

Fireworks in the sky He does create.

More magnificent than any man can make.

Hear His voice murmur above the cloud

A crack, a boom it becomes so loud.

Crawling up from a crack, risks all to save

his buddy and friend from the grave.

The little beauty shines, tenacious now

You can only marvel and wonder how

Man can make but he can’t create, the little flower

Or ants that crawl around hour after hour.

Lessons in the morning, I watch them every day.

Time is wasted.  Watch the rays

The morning sun, complex and take

Floats with one single cell you cannot make

Answers come in the shape of the cloud, the ant that works,

The miniscule flower, the sounds of nature often lurks

Within the shadows of an ugly concrete walk

So loud and clear He does talk.

Goes unseen and do not to kneel

The absolute proof that He is real.

But you are you and I am me

Exactly the way He intended it be.

Calgary July sunset #2

A Summer Morning in Calgary

 Matthew 16:2

“When evening comes, you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red,’and in the morning, ‘Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast.’ You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times. Beautiful , just try and paint HIS colours

Red sky in the morning.......sailors take warning.

A more peaceful life.

PGA Golf CourseI’m sure we’ve all been through the frustration of telling someone something just to have our words thrown back  in our face as lies or unbelievable.  We can obsess hours worried and upset because we know we’re telling the truth.  We argue and try to prove we are telling the truth.

Then one day we wake up  and discover (hopefully) life will be easier once you learn you never have to justify yourself. If others don’t believe you – who cares anyway. God knows and you know.  No one else really matters.

The Tears of St. Lawrence

A few days ago I was sitting outside later in the evening, enjoying the cool breezes that always appear at night in Calgary.  I saw what I thought was lightning in the north western skies.  There was no thunder and the sky was mainly cloudy.  Then I realized I was watching the Perseid Meteor Shower not a storm brewing.

Meteor Shower Over The United Kingdom

As with all the phenomena relating to the events in the sky – the Perseid Meteor Shower is another of the amazing sights our sky will produce.


In the Catholic Church the Perseid Meteor Shower is named the Tears of St. Lawrence.  St Lawrence was a martyr for the church.

 St. Lawrence before Valerianus

Lighten your Heart

A creek and golf course

Spring has always been a time of energy for me.  It is a renewal of life, a renewal of growth and ‘spring cleaning’ has been in my family for generations.  Enjoy spring – ‘stop to smell the roses’. There is beauty all around – if you only stop to look.

The new growth mingles with the ravages of winter as green sprouts fight for dominance and overtake the dried cattails beside a creek.