The Romance Reviews – Hawk’s Gift (September 26th)

Come and join the fun.  Win prizes, gifts and especially discover new authors and new exciting books. Fall into Love – The Romance Reviews September party.

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Free SymbolAnswer the question correctly today  for a chance to win a free e-book of Hawk’s Gift. (Western Historical Romance).

Roberta Taylor, an aggressive,  wealthy and reporter goes to the west to find a reason why there is such unrest.  She meets enigmatic Damien Larocque and tricks him into taking her to Big Bear’s camp in Montana. 

Roberta stands for everything Damien dislikes in a woman. She is arrogant and believes she is always right. Why does she fascinate him so much?

This is an intense love story, a roller coaster of love, hate, lust, distrust and hope.

Set in Canada’s Civil War – the Riel Rebellion of 1885.  Hawks Gift (160x240)

Roberta is a heroine I love and Damien, well, he’s dangerous but oh, so addicting.…. I envy your ability to write unforgettable characters ….Rachelle Ayala – author of Michal’s Window, Historical Romance.

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