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FabioIt is said people often judge a book by its’ cover. That can apply to people as well. But is it right? Should we do that? And because times change can such a broad statement be made and stand the tides of time?  I remember when all book covers of the romance genre seemed to have Fabio on their cover.  Now Fabio was nice to look at – but did all romantic heroes look the same?  Do we have misconceptions (conditioned ideas of what a beautiful person is like).

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” ― Leo TolstoyThe Kreutzer Sonata Tolstoy helped create the idea for Never Pick a Pretty Girl. I would change one word in his quote – “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is shallow.” for today’s world.

I started writing Never Pick a Pretty Woman with a lot of preconceived ideas of what beautiful people are like and revealed another well-known saying – things are not always what they seem.  Beautiful people have problems too.

Disillusioned with love, career and life in general, Sophie Donnelly retreats to her childhood home.  Back in Crystal Ridge her plan is disrupted by the man next door.  Her senses are assaulted by the ruggedly handsome, hard-working Jake.  How can she convince him she is not just another pretty woman?

Jake McCallum wanted Sophie in high school.  Sophie all grown stirs his heart.  But he has decided he needs a plain, practical gal who can help run his ranch.  Sophie is too pretty to be practical.  His head says so.  Which will he follow?  His head or his heart?

Part of the Alberta Romance Writer’s Association: – Searching for… Series.Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover


2 thoughts on “Misconceptions #MFRWAuthors

  1. Interesting is the idea that lead you to write your novel. I may add to the sayings you mention here this one, “Not all that shines is gold.” I am sure it is a compelling novel, the same as the one I read, One Dance with a Stranger. Best of luck with your writing, Mary!

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