Discovering Your Peaceful Place

Banff, Alberta is a busy town set in Canada’s first National Park.  With busy shops, restaurants, hotels and many tourist attractions it wouldn’t be a first pick for a ‘peaceful’ place.

town of banff

a downtown view of shops in Banff

Banff Spring Hotel

The sight of the Banff Springs, (Canadian Pacific Railroad Hotel) is impressive but not peaceful.

If you drive a little further, behind the Hotel and you will discover the beauty and stillness of the Bow River Falls.  The sound of running water and the pristine beauty of the forests surrounding the river bring peace if you listen.

bow river fallsbow river falls

6 thoughts on “Discovering Your Peaceful Place

  1. It looks a real haven, peaceful with gorgeous landscape. I only hope it hasn’t harsh winters. Though born in January, I no longer enjoy bitter cold and frost and huge mountains of snow. The first image you posted is like a postcard. So inviting. So many places worth visiting but only ONE life.

    • You’d love it here Carmen. Yes – the mountains here are so big and isolated, but there are little towns scattered throughout. It is very cold in the winter, but still beautiful. I would have to check again – but I’m positive they used the Banff Springs Hotel for the palace in the Siberia scenes in Dr. Zhivago.

  2. I remember one of my first visits to Banff, Canada. (As a Scot, we went on holiday to Banff/Scotland every year when I was young.) We went out for a walk at night. Surrounded my mountains, we were enveloped in total darkness until we looked up to see millions of stars shining down on us. It still gives me shivers when I think about it. Such a wonderful place.

    • I agree. I remember the first time I went into the mountains (flat-lander me) – and I was scared. They were just so big. But the air and sights are just too awesome. I love watching the stars.

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