CWO – Weather Observing – Back to Work

Although the airport where I worked was tiny, it was also crucial to the area.  Set in the heavily treed slopes of the Cascade mountains there are often many forest fires.  The airport was helpful for those helicopters who fight the fires to fuel up without flying to a larger center.

2008-07-20 05.30.01

The offices were a little building, with my instruments to judge and help determine the weather.  The most important is the Sea Level pressure.  I keep thinking of ‘Die Hard’ where the bad guys were giving planes the wrong information so they crashed.  The airport is about 2-3 miles outside the little town.  I started worrying I wasn’t giving the right information.  The CB’s that float around in the air, creating havoc are a problem too.  Pilots must avoid those, especially small planes.  The wind inside these clouds are above tornado speeds and lightening comes from them.  We learned there was one small plane that survived, flying through a CB,but that rarely happens.

2008-07-20 05.25.06

But mainly I watched the deer and bear playing in the peaceful setting.

2011-05-03 19.12.35-1


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