Romancing September Across the World Tour

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The launch of the Romancing September Across The World Tour.
How this works: – . Rosie Amber will post the first post of each day between 7 am and 8 am UK time.
Stephanie Hurt will post the second post of the day around 8 am Eastern time USA?
Posts will also be linked to Twitter, Facebook, Google +
A list of all our Romance authors who are taking part in the tour.

Sept 1st – Caroline Storer – The Roman

Sept 2nd – Sonya Loveday – The Summer I Fell

Sept 3rd – Terry Tyler – Round and Round

Sept 4th – Lizzie Lamb – Boot Camp Bride

Sept 5th – Carmen Stefanescu – Shadows Of The Past

Sept 6th – Jill Steeples – Lets’ Call The Whole Thing Off

Sept 7th – V. Steele – As My Heart Beats – Beckoning

Sept 8th – Cecily Gates – An Imaginary House By The Sea

Sept 9th – Debbie Peterson – Spirit of the Knight

Sept 10th – June Kearns – The 20’s Girl. The Ghost And All That Jazz

Sept 11th – Pamela Beckford – Love: Lost And Found

Sept 12th – Adrienne Vaughan – The Hollow Heart

Sept 13th – D.E.L Connor – Spirit Warriors: The Concealing

Sept 14th – Jane Godman – Echoes In The Darkness

Sept 15th – Laura E James – FollowMe, Follow You

Sept 16th – Mary M Forbes – One Dance With A Stranger

Sept 17th – Monica La Porta – The Lost Centurion

Sept 18th – E.L. Lindley – Dare To Lose

Sept 19th – Nicky Wells – Fallen For Rock

Sept 20th – Susan Buchanan – The Dating Game

Sept 21st – Nic Tatano – It Girl

Sept 22nd – Lynn Montagano – Catch My Breath

Sept 23rd – Mandy Baggot – Made In Nashville

Sept 24th – Georgina Troy – A Jersey Affair

Sept 25th – Michelle Betham – Striker

Sept 26th – Dani-Lyn Alexander – Anonymous

Sept 27th – Romy Sommer – To Catch A Star

Sept 28th – Liz Everly – Like Honey

Sept 29th – Rae Rivers – The Keepers:Declan

Sept 30th – Jane Linfoot – High Heels and Bicycle Wheels

A special thank you to our hosts:



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