CWO – Weather Observing – When in Rome

…see the local countryside.  We however had no means of transportation.  So one day we rented a car and did a little sight-seeing.  We drove down the Number 2 highway which runs alongside of the St. Lawrence River and headed west.  There are a number of quaint old towns with houses open to the public.  Here in the west there isn’t much in the way of old estate houses.  The famous Thousand Islands start at Kingston so we drove to Kingston.  The sights were amazing. Some of the Islands have castles.

We stopped at a prison from the old days and were astounded by the differences between then and now. The cells were little boxes with room only for a bed.

2008-06-21 09.23.53

The outside of the prison.

2008-06-21 10.05.14

Jamie behind bars.

2008-06-21 09.58.00

The cells.

2008-06-21 10.01.17

The hanging gallows.

Being a Saskatchewan girl I found the locks (where ships climb stairs) the most fascinating place. We stopped at one and I could have stayed there all day watching. There is absolutely nothing like this on the Saskatchewan Prairies. The ships maneuver through gates with barely an inch to spare on each side. 2008-06-22 13.00.50

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