Lazy Hazy Days of Summer – Summer Blog Hop

Memories: – Growing up on the farm, sometimes the heat and sunshine was unbearable. We  didn’t have air-conditioning. At those times I would put on my bathing suit and gallop my horse through sloughs of water.  I’m sure he liked it too.  I didn’t dare just get off and swim in the sloughs for they are full of insects and grasses that caused what we called the ‘Itch’.

As I reached my teen years, I recall an incident that shows me now, just how wonderful my dad was.  There were some men working on hydro poles going across our land.  One day in the heat, after riding through the sloughs to cool down I decided to ride over to see what they were doing.  One of the guys, a young man, after saying ‘Hello’ said something that was puzzling.  He said I looked sexy.

His boss ordered him back to work and I rode away.  My dad was working in the fields so I rode over and told him.  He said ‘Those guys are busy.  Don’t go bothering them.’  What a wonderful way of dealing with the situation.  With no anger or reprimanding he got his point across.

I, of course, went into the house and looked up the word ‘sexy‘.Create Space - Never Pick a Pretty Woman - cover


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8 thoughts on “Lazy Hazy Days of Summer – Summer Blog Hop

  1. Whenever I visited my grandmother, I love walking over the open pastures and staring at the landscape, such wonderful memories.

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