In least likely places – Travel Memories

It was April.  The temperatures were already high in Calgary.  The trees and flowers were blooming and the grass was green.  I felt it was safe to just wear my sandals as we were going south to a hot state – again we were on route to Texas.

Once we got into Montana, it started snowing. My sandals were useless, but I didn’t have anything else.  I started wearing my husband’s socks beneath the sandals and know I looked silly.  It snowed all the way to Amarillo.  We had to go to Dallas.  It was icy and cold.

After unloading and loading again (back for Calgary) in a tiny town of Boise City in Oklahoma the roads were shut down.  We spent the night in Boise City.  There were no places for trucks.  The one motel was booked long before we arrived.  But in true hospitality, a small convenience store stayed open overnight.  We had a washroom and we had snacks.  Fortunately most the big trucks had sleepers.  Only one trucker came on the CB and insisted ‘he was a trucker and a little snow shouldn’t stop a trucker.’  Others laughed at him and some advised ‘each time you drive in snow it’s different.’

Boise City

Boise City


The next morning we had a huge convoy heading towards the interstate and Denver.  It didn’t surprise us to hear that same trucker, who had spent the night in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, once again come on the CB when we got onto the interstate.



When we were back in Calgary, again the weather was nice and warm.

2 thoughts on “In least likely places – Travel Memories

  1. Travel any time of year can be surprising. Before the era of superhighways,numerous motels and prolific campgrounds tenting with my parents provided my brother and me with awesome adventures. One camp site at the edge of a clay pit gave us lots of fun – my mother, not so much. I know now how difficult it must have been to get that red clay off our clothing, shoes and skin.

    • A funny moment. Kids don’t think. I have no idea why women like camping. It’s very inconvenient especially with kids. This was just a few years ago, but a short-cut and off the interstate. It was fun, just because it was different. I couldn’t believe it. It was about 75 in Calgary. I would expect something like that in the mountains – but not Texas.

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