Council Bluff, Iowa – Travel Memories

Council Bluffs 2In a small place in Iowa on one trip, I learned something interesting.  Often Canadians claim Americans don’t know much about Canada.  I didn’t often see that.  But once in Council Bluff, with a just over 60,000 population I did.

Being as it was summer and a busy time for tourists, my husband parked on the side of the highway and had me run into a motel to see if there was a room available with truck parking.  There was, so I booked a room.

The woman looked at my registration and asked, very puzzled.  “A Calgary, what’s a Calgary?”  (Not where’s Calgary, but what’s a Calgary).  Now I was puzzled – surely it said city or town – or had I misread it.  But just laughed and said ‘A city in Canada (no sense saying Alberta I thought) only about 10 times as large as Council Bluff.’

It was funny to me.  I caught a glimpse of not knowing something about a country beside you.


2 thoughts on “Council Bluff, Iowa – Travel Memories

  1. There are a lot of cases like that unfortunately. I have a daughter living south of the border and she is constantly amazed at how little otherwise educated folks know about Canada. Yes, there still are people who think we have snow 365 days a year. Once in Montana, a gas station attendant looked at our Nova Scotia plates and said – “That’s one of them states up there by Alaska isn’t it?” Mind you, it was years ago, still, in some places it hasn’t changed.

    • Yes. But in fairness I have experienced that in Canada as well. Once when my husband was in the moving industry, he was asked by a guy in Ontario to pick up a few pieces (would have lost money just on fuel) in Prince George. He was in Vancouver. He just said – oh yeah, very close together. Just an inch on the map eh? I once had a guy ask if I knew someone in Kingston (Ontario) when I said I was from Canada. This incident stuck in my mind because she said ‘A Calgary’ so puzzled.

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