Mysteries of Marketing

As I sat pondering over whether I should get dressed and go out to get myself a Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich, it hit me that there is marketing knowledge to be gained in food.

Bacon and Eggs

I realized that bacon and eggs are a very recent breakfast staple, all thanks to advertising.  In the old days breakfast was usually a grain product, like oatmeal.  Then thanks to Mr. Edward Bernays and his advertising campaign, breakfast was changed forever.


Then I read an article by Mahrie G. Ried where I discovered lobster was once considered a poor man’s food.  Yet again, with great marketing, lobster met its’ purpose, one of the tops in our food supply. What fantastic advertising.

So, applying this type of advertising to your book you could move your book to the top – a must read.  How?  I would appreciate any comments as to how this could be possible. In the meantime I will study the advertising techniques used to promote these two food items.

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