Finding Fridays – The legend of the Lost Lemon Mine

A little History of the Canadian West 

Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies, probably in or around Crowsnest Pass there is rumored to be more gold than was found in the Klondike of the Yukon.

Two men, Blackjack and Jack Lemon, found it and decided to go register their claim.  That was before Jack was struck with gold-fever.  In a fit of greed, Jack killed his partner, splitting him open with his ax.

Lost Lemon Mine

Two Indian braves, from the Blackfoot tribe of Southern Alberta, witnessed the gruesome killing.  They rushed back to tell their chief.  The Chief placed a curse on the gold. ‘Whoever touches (some say finds it as well) the gold will suffer dire consequences’.

Sure enough, the curse was real.  Many men, including Jack Lemon, who became a maniac wandering around the prairies, searched for the mine and those men were found dead, burned to death or were driven mad. To this day, no one has found that gold of the Lost Lemon Mine and lived to tell the story.

Alberta Wild Rose, first a romance, takes place with a group trying to find this legendary mine including my sheltered heroine – Alberta Rose.

Alberta Wild Rose by Mary M. Forbes

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