Finding Friday – Louis Riel

A little history of the Canadian West

Louis Riel

Louis Riel is considered the head of the Riel Rebellion – western Canada’s civil war.  My research shows Gabriel Dumont was the actual leader – with Gabriel getting Louis Riel to come help him send letters and requests to the government. Gabriel could neither read nor write.  Louis Riel was a very educated man, but no longer a gunfighter.  From the accounts I can see Riel was completely immersed into religion and considered himself a prophet of the Lord.  It is said he wouldn’t even touch a gun.

And Gabriel Dumont had no intentions of fighting either.  He just wanted the government to fulfill some of its’ promises.  Of course the government made no attempt to even reply, let alone carry through on any promises.  So, it’s probably true the whole Rebellion could have been prevented, had the government had the decency to even answer the letters.

But Louis Riel was hung in Regina as the ‘ringleader’ of the Riel Rebellion.  Possibly because Gabriel Dumont had escaped the noose and couldn’t be found to punish?

Hawk's Gift by Mary M. Forbes

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4 thoughts on “Finding Friday – Louis Riel

    • Yes, typical government slow responses trigger some awful things, I agree. And since Riel was the one who knew how to read and write he must take the blame? I thought it was sad too as I could never find where he was the leader – only helping his friends writing letters.

    • It is sad. In some communities, Louis Riel is considered a hero – although there hasn’t been much done about exonerating him and I doubt if they ever will. I can understand completely why the Riel Rebellion happened. When Canada bought Rupert’s Land (the western prairies) there was little anyone could do without the government telling them exactly what they had to do. Fortunately – other than the RCMP – there was little they could do to enforce their decisions. The west was originally designed to ‘supply’ the east. And sometimes it still seems to be that way.

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