Personal Journeys: – Tolerance

Don’t compromise your beliefs and principles.

In North America we have created the best society that the world has ever seen. Or as former President Bush once said ‘…it isn’t perfect but it’s the best we’ve come up with so far.’

In today’s politically correct society we have very much allowed ourselves to stray from what was intended in our countries. It is always easier to claim the majority are intolerant even though that majority gave everyone freedom that few other countries have experienced. Anger Management


Bikers arrive in Washington to mourn 9/11 and are not allowed a permit. Read how the bikers got around this ‘politically correct’ – but wrong decision.

Sometimes not tolerating is only the need to control other people’s thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes it can be cured by taking a deep breath and realizing it does not matter what other people’s opinions are so long as they aren’t hurting anyone.  Thoughts and opinions are free. Thoughts and opinions do not harm others.  Although if some get their way – those too will be taken away from us even though it’s impossible.  Such intolerance is scary.

Good Advice

And sometimes there are people who really believe they and people like themselves have the answers for everyone.  Those people will use any methods from sweetness to threats to make others think their way.  It’s impossible – and the danger lies in their ability to gain power.  Evil does reign when good people do nothing to stop it.  History has repeated that simple fact over and over.

You can’t please everyone – and not everyone is going to like you.  That is a fact and not even forcing everyone into one collective belief/thought will change it. (Unless you are obsessed with Star Trek and believe it’s a portrayal of society in the future I guess). We can all live in peace and harmony.  We were created as individuals – and to create a more perfect society – tolerance on ALL sides will be needed, not laws, forcing and changing. Education won’t work (or what a free-spirited person like myself might classify ‘brain-washing’ – forcing me to think your beliefs/principles are right’).

Against all odds, be yourself.  Don’t compromise your principles/beliefs for anyone.

All you need to learn tolerance is to  rejoice in differences.  It really is that simple.


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