Guardians Angels – the idea of Seraphim

Seraphim by Mary M. ForbesFor many years I experienced ‘coincidence or fate’ that often worked to my benefit but I didn’t think about it much. It was just part of life and the incidents often renewed my optimistic belief that things always work out in the end.

I read many articles and was brought up in a Catholic environment.  Guardian Angels were not a novel concept to me – but mostly I ignored the signs when I was younger.

Then one day it was glaring and obvious that Guardian Angels existed. There are many religions that don’t believe in Guardian Angels, but I can connect my own personal Guardian Angel to the Holy Spirit.

I began playing with the idea of a story about losing faith due to circumstances.  Seraphim became not only a story idea but a personal discovery for myself as well.  My own journey is filled with strife/stress and even disasters – but with my Guardian Angel’s help, I can see hope and maintain my optimism as well.

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