Life Changing Days – Released

“Life Changing Days”

In Dreams – You can be anyone you want.

From reading my mothers romances, my father’s westerns to playing cowboys and Indians in the isolated prairies of Northern Saskatchewan I followed my dad’s advice – I could be anything I wanted.  When I became too old to play like a ‘wild Apache’ (a term my dad applied often to describe me) I could still create my beloved cowboys and romance through by writing.

Life Changing Days – memories of a time past and why I am who I am today.

Life Changing Days by Mary M. Forbes

Life Changing Days‘ is tracing my ancestry and stories. I thank Bill and Emma Miller, my parents, for giving me the best lessons to prepare me for life – and the best parents anyone could ever wish for.

Some may think it’s from simple times, making it easier to find happiness. But as I made a journey through my childhood I realized my life could be experienced anywhere or at any time.  It was parenting skills and lessons that created such a happy childhood.


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