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I have watched the world change sometimes it seems a snail’s pace as events continue from days into years.  Sometimes overnight the world changes.  Mostly I like good change – things that make my life easier and I make every attempt to learn each new, exciting piece of technology.

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But there are other areas that truly make me sad.  In modern society’s attempt to accept everyone and prove they have a superior tolerance and acceptance of everyone, they are often pushing out the very thing that makes them who they are. No wonder there is such chaos now.

This is especially seen in modern society’s lack of acceptance and tolerance in the Christian religion.  It is being pushed aside and taunted as ignorance, idiots, uneducated and evil.  I do not understand.  I come from a long line of Christians (I keep repeating in Life Changing Days) and today I only see sadness.


Our gatherings were often Christian based.  Our giving, tolerance and acceptance was Christian based.  And by far the most sad thing to see being eliminated in our schools is the Christmas pageant.  I cannot, try as I might, explain the feelings of peace, goodwill and happiness I experienced at Christmas time.

It’s hard to tell my own kids about those feeling as I can’t explain – but I could show – by doing the pageant, by the songs, the Christmas tree and by people gathering together with one cause – to celebrate the birth of Christ.

So, if one can stop and reason – think.  It is politically correct to accept and tolerate everything regardless of how outlandish and everyone else but yourself – the very thing that makes us in North America who we are. We are a Christian nation and to take that away is as sad as taking the Christmas pageant from the schools and denying our children that wondrous season.

Christianity is a big part of my life.  I am not going to deny it for any modern trends or ideas. To accept any and all beliefs, I must first acknowledge my own.

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5 thoughts on “Life Changing Days – Changes

  1. I have to be honest, I am an atheist – okay, maybe agnostic – but I too am concerned about the way Christianity is being side-lined while other religions promoted in the name of tolerance. I find Christ’s teachings inspiring and I think it’s vitally important we remember that everything that is positive in the Western World comes from the basis of those Judeo-Christian principles.

    • Thank you for saying that. Yes – I believe many people today who call themselves atheists are often agnostic. But either way – Jesus especially had such an impact on our society – that we can all celebrate his birthday – as a man (like we do other men) – and his influence at least on our ‘goodwill towards others or peace on earth.’. I am somewhat agnostic myself – but only in that many religions are too strict/doom and gloom for me. I have always enjoyed life and have fun too. I also believe wholeheartedly in being an individual – and tolerance which is sometimes lost in a religion – but it certainly isn’t what Jesus taught.

  2. Mary, I know this is a sore spot and I don’t blame you for being frustrated and even angry. Ours is not a society that should be mocking one religion but rather as you suggest accepting all religions and the rights of anyone to practice theirs.
    In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam there are multiple similar veins and I truly do believe if people were more aware of this fact that they would be less inclined to bash anyone!
    You know my personal point of view lies in the belief of God rather than in religion but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the stories and the seasonal celebrations of any or all of these organised religions.
    I think Christmas pageants should go on as well. It does teach children more than gift giving as the purpose of the holiday and is so innocent and beautiful in re-enacting the story of Jesus. It is indeed a beautiful, loving story of the birth of a prophet. I know at my daughter’s school they had a parent come in to speak about Hanukkah and Eid as well. Why not? Why the heck not? Tolerance is a big part of respect which our society sadly lacks.

    • Merry Christmas to you as well Lesley. It is a sore spot because it appears tolerance for some is all one sided. Although I’ve never been in the Middle East, I worked with some girls who were Muslim and had no problem with their holidays (and tried on some of their traditional clothes – oh so comfortable). We all enjoyed Samosa when someone brought it into the office – and they loved the Christmas atmosphere as much as I did. I think everyone – just everyone, regardless – should be judged (not by society – but as individuals too) on their own character alone – nothing more. And you should walk away if you don’t like something – no hard feelings on either side. No one knows for sure – no one seems able to prove all these ‘theories’ and everyone should be left to ‘reason/think’ what they want. I was just getting nostalgic for those fun/fun days and the wonder of childhood. I got into a discussion with people on a group wanting to banish Santa Tracker saying it’s too military?? and I want to cry. It’s as though there is no feelings or remembrances of being a child at all. So sad.

      • In a sad attempt to wipe out religion which is so important for some people (life affirming, life supporting) the Quebec government wants to amoeba-ize everyone even though no one is complaining. It is disgusting to try to control people`s beliefs, customs, culture and pride through legislation. We will all be clones-like beings sooner than the film industry has depicted!

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