Life Changing Days – Inspiration

My memories of the past have a huge impact  on my writing today.  My love of cowboys and all that is fantastic about the west are ingrained inside just waiting to be released. Western living has made me discover who I am.  The close connection with nature, combined with tasks required to live are a part of my life lessons, I learned as a child and young adult.Growing UpAlthough we were poor, I didn’t know it.  On my birthdays and at Christmas my parents would give me a Zane Grey book (my favorite author).  It was always just one – but a new story to read and re-read.  I cherished those books and eventually had his whole collection. That they, with eight children to support, would consistently make me, the middle child,  feel special and pick the exact thing I wanted is in my heart and thoughts forever.

Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane GreyIn my memory it was this type of thing that made me realize the value of being myself and an individual. None of my siblings had my interests and none of my siblings were neglected in their own interests either.

One part of me was the passion and love I had for the outdoors, riding, six-shooters and catching bad guys was made real by riding my horse, by herding cattle and it was so easy to let my imagination fill in the rest.  Riding in the wind taught me the reality of true freedom.

The other part of me devoured fairy-tales and a true enjoyment in making and designing my own dresses and gowns for my princesses.  Now I realize it was maybe fortunate I didn’t have Barbie dolls to dress.  Now I think that would be confining.  I would have to ‘make do’ with other people’s designs and styles.  I couldn’t change their hair-color or their eyes.  But when I made my cut-out dolls and designed their clothes, the only limit was my imagination.  I realized there is no limit to imagination. The most wonderful realization is knowing there is no-one telling me I must do this or that.

My imagination has no boundaries or rules.  I can only thank my wonderful parents – those two people who let me be whatever I wanted.

Sometimes late into the night

If you have your eyes closed tight.

Fairies will come out to play

But open your eyes and they will not stay.

2 thoughts on “Life Changing Days – Inspiration

  1. What a lovely post. Brings up so many memories. Like you I used to have cut-out dolls, and if I didn’t like their outfits I would draw and colour in some of my own. We were definitely blessed with our childhoods.

    • Yes we are. I now watch my granddaughter and encourage her to use her imagination. She’s two and she puts her little sun-glasses on, places them on top her head (I use reading glasses) – takes one of my books (that I’ve made corrections in) to edit, takes a pen, turns pages and scribbles. How adorable is that.

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