He Creates


Calgary July sunset

Fireworks in the sky He does create.

More magnificent than any man can make.

Hear His voice murmur above the cloud

A crack, a boom it becomes so loud.

Crawling up from a crack, risks all to save

his buddy and friend from the grave.

The little beauty shines, tenacious now

You can only marvel and wonder how

Man can make but he can’t create, the little flower

Or ants that crawl around hour after hour.

Lessons in the morning, I watch them every day.

Time is wasted.  Watch the rays

The morning sun, complex and take

Floats with one single cell you cannot make

Answers come in the shape of the cloud, the ant that works,

The miniscule flower, the sounds of nature often lurks

Within the shadows of an ugly concrete walk

So loud and clear He does talk.

Goes unseen and do not to kneel

The absolute proof that He is real.

But you are you and I am me

Exactly the way He intended it be.

Calgary July sunset #2


4 thoughts on “He Creates

      • Forever the optimist – just like I am Lesley. For starters – our life in Canada is as perfect as we want to make it.
        I think too many people think that their way is the only way – their views are the only views that count and they try to force it on everyone. You’re right – better days will come – and they aren’t really bad now. I am hearing people who believe we can be ‘taught’ to think all the same. Well maybe – Hitler was doing a good job of that. We’ll see.

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