Another sexy cowboy

5. Seraphim - coverIn my previous books I have been told my cowboys are hot or sexy.  Comments from readers have helped my ego immensely and made me feel I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish.  I love cowboys and a true cowboy attitude is a very appealing character.

But in my latest attempt – I am trying to do something different.  I want to create a hot cowboy for my hero.  However I have a problem – and a question:

Can I create a sexy cowboy – without having any explicit love scenes in my story and will readers be able to enjoy my new romance story without them?


12 thoughts on “Another sexy cowboy

  1. I think it is very possible to create a ‘hot’ cowboy without explicit love scenes or any love scenes at all. It is all about building the sexual tension, attraction and anticipation (even if the “act” doesn’t play out in the pages of the book.) But, you may need to be clear in how you market it – stating that it is a “sweet” or “clean” story – particularly if you’ve had explicit sex in your stories before. Your readers may have an expectation. 😉

  2. Most definitely you can create a hot and sexy cowboy without being explicit in your love scenes, it’s a matter of degree in sensuality, if you engage in the 5 senses you’ll be sure to create the effect you want 🙂

  3. Thanks for all the advice girls. I can continue with more confidence now. Like Lorraine said – since my other books have some explicit sex scenes I will just have to tell my readers of this new development. I love sexual tension and some say I can do it well. I just get tired of overused words and scenes – always the same. Writing new and unused sex scenes might be a challenge too – but I’ll leave it to someone else for now.

  4. Definitely, cowboys keep it private and are romantic for it! What happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom. Yeah cowboys.

  5. I agree with all the above comments. And you can definitely make your cowboy hot without your book being explicit. Cowboys have a way of moving that’s very attractive. They way they walk, has a certain grace to it. Maybe, it’s their work that makes them that way. It’s the same with boxers, they have a powerful, economy of movement that very distinctive. Good luck. I look forward to reading the finished product.

  6. I always think what is really sexy in a man is confidence. Not arrogant over-confidence, but that quiet inner strength some men have. And I think cowboys tend to have it in spades, don’t you? As Maggie says above, maybe that’s partly to do with the nature of their work.

    • Yes – I used to say I liked conceited men – but now I realize it’s confident men who are not conceited I like. And yes, I agree with you and Maggie – maybe it’s that knowledge of sometimes having to make decisions or do things on your own that gives them such confidence.

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