The Tears of St. Lawrence

A few days ago I was sitting outside later in the evening, enjoying the cool breezes that always appear at night in Calgary.  I saw what I thought was lightning in the north western skies.  There was no thunder and the sky was mainly cloudy.  Then I realized I was watching the Perseid Meteor Shower not a storm brewing.

Meteor Shower Over The United Kingdom

As with all the phenomena relating to the events in the sky – the Perseid Meteor Shower is another of the amazing sights our sky will produce.


In the Catholic Church the Perseid Meteor Shower is named the Tears of St. Lawrence.  St Lawrence was a martyr for the church.

 St. Lawrence before Valerianus

2 thoughts on “The Tears of St. Lawrence

    • Yes the Perseid Meteor showers are often seen almost every year. I didn’t know that until I researched and this year it was in North America. I thought it was lightening too but turned out it wasn’t. Then when I researched further I learned about St.Lawrence. The skies have always been fascinating to me. Science or mystical.

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