Calgary – Roads – Flood, 2013

A river runs through it.  Deerfoot Trail is our main artery running north and south through Calgary.  When it was closed due to flooding at this time, it creates hectic traffic detours and delays.  River on Deerfoot trail

MacLeod trail is one of the main roads into downtown Calgary.  It is also the road alongside the Stampede Grounds. When the hydro went out and the downtown was flooded people were asked to stay out of downtown.  About 150,000 work there and only about 10,000 went down on Friday.  Before a week was up people were back working in the downtown. The bridge over our Glenmore Dam was closed when the dam flooded.  Glenmore Road was closed.  Memorial Drive, another route into downtown was closed and Crowchild Trail was closed, another major north to south route.

Cop coming through the mud - 2013  McLeod Trail by Stampede Grounds


One thought on “Calgary – Roads – Flood, 2013

  1. The city has closed the downtown core to transit and C-Train and numerous building ae closed. Police are asking Calgarians to stay off the roads and refrain from travelling in flood-prone areas.

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