Calgary – residential areas – flood 2013

This is a view from the Stampede grounds into downtown.

#We are Calgary

 …They set their jaws against the floods and through the flood of tears they went to work. When the rivers pushed, they pushed back.

This is not about parading politicians. Our heroes are the moms and dads, neighbours, families, firefighters, soldiers, city workers, police officers, electricians, plumbers, businesspeople and other regular folks who saw what needed to be done and did it…   Calgary Sun, July 1st, 2013.

In Calgary alone 75,000 residents were evacuated and Calgary absorbed another 30,000 from towns and villages evacuated to the south.  Everyone has shelter.  So many have opened their doors and are willing to help in any way they can. July 1st has all areas open again.  There is destruction, but as families, volunteers and friends throw garbage out it is almost immediately being picked up and taken away.  Some houses need to be demolished because they are structurally unsound.  For those families who lost all,  my prayers are with you. As I cry for the destruction, I feel only pride for the spirit blooming in Calgary.

Canada Day celebrations will go on.  Princess Island, where normally the celebrations are held, is, being an island, not ready.  But celebrations will be as rowdy and fun as they always are in Cowtown.

There has been minimal, isolated cases of vandalism or theft.  The media is not having much luck in telling of bad stories other than ‘nature’s’ force.  Again I salute the people of Calgary and our police force who have prevented further chaos.

Town of Okotoks


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