Calgary – Stampede Grounds – Flood, 2013

With just two weeks to go Calgary was flooded and the Stampede Grounds right to downtown were covered with water.  The following day the mayor announced the Stampede would happen – just as it has every other year since it started in the early 1900’s.

The Stampede grounds are near two mighty rivers that join, close to downtown.  The whole area was flooded right to downtown.  MacLeod Trail – a major route into downtown was closed for days.

But in true Calgarian spirit again with help and effort the show will go on, just two weeks later.  The grounds were pumped out, new sod, tracks, pens cleaned out and ready for animals and the mid-way once again clear and ready within a week.  Again the amazing help from volunteers and businesses alike have made the impossible possible.

After the water is pumped out, it’s just fast clean-up time.  Cowtown is nearly ready for the greatest outdoor show on earth.

Scotsman HillCalgary - Cleaning up the grounds Stampede Grounds under waterStampede Grounds Getting ready

We are ready.  We are Calgary.#We are Calgary


4 thoughts on “Calgary – Stampede Grounds – Flood, 2013

  1. The Calgary Stampede is just around the corner and we are coming to town. It has always been an exciting time for me, this time of year. Even when I was not driving or outriding, I loved coming into Calgary and turning into the Stampede grounds for the first time of the year. There is nothing like the smell of the river and the sounds of the Stampede equipment moving everything around feverishly to get ready. That is something I will never forget, and something I love to do every year. Even more so now that I am racing, when I pull through that gate for the first time, I get excited and giddy. I know it sounds a little less manly than a chuckwagon driver should be, but this is our Disneyland. When we roll in it’s the start of something great for us, it’s the realization of one of our greatest dreams.

  2. Those working behind the scenes say the cleanup accomplished at the Stampede grounds after it was covered with muddy floodwaters shows how much Calgarians have riding on the event, including the rodeo.

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