Calgary – Downtown – Flood of 2013

Immediately the waters rose – our first responders evacuated one hundred thousand people including High River, a town of 30,000 people south of here.  The wonder of Calgary is told in only 1500 people having trouble being placed – the rest immediately found a place with friends, relatives or people far enough from the river opening their doors.  The 1500 were special needs and soon our hospitals and senior centers made room.  Everyone was sheltered and fed – for as long as it will take.

The downtown flooded the streets and transformers were under water.  Downtown Calgary (a city of over a million people) – was shut down.  150,000 workers couldn’t go to work. Our beautiful skyline was in darkness.

Calgary at Sunset

Less than a week later downtown was open again for business. Volunteers everywhere swept streets, cleaned debris and companies immediately got their pumps working to drain the water.  It was an amazing feat.  In the true spirit of Calgary – the mayor asked for 600 hundred volunteers and got thousands report to McMahon Stadium. The Stampeders Football stadium was on high ground.

Calgary has many head-office oil companies in the downtown core.  These companies assisted in the fast, efficient clean-up with their equipment and help Calgarians accept and acknowledge the people who helped and those that didn’t: With the immediate help from these same oil-companies the army was able to centre their attention on High River, 30 miles south of Calgary, where the whole town was evacuated.

…Calgary oil patch consultant Joe Davis called his buddies across the province to bring in their pumps and generators so he could pump out his entire neighbourhood.“This is a lot more important than fracking wells,” he said. “My heart is swollen more than the Bow River.”

David Suzuki has issues with people in the oil business. Suzuki, not one to waste a good crisis, was immediately pontificating about climate change without a word of concern for the people impacted by the flooding. Well, David Suzuki can go to hellCalgary Sun Newspaper, July 1st, 2013

Little or nothing is being said about the oil companies and their equipment and quick response to the disaster – nor their help in a speedy recovery.  So I just want to say thank you for your efficiency during this disaster.

Volunteers of Calgary

We are Calgary.  There was one death in Calgary.  In High River there were three deaths and one person missing. I send a special prayer for those few victims.  Our record speaks for the efficiency of our first responders and our people’s ability to understand the dangers of nature, those dangers we have no control over –  and help themselves.

When the going gets tough – the tough get going.’

Firefighter takes woman from the water.

The beautiful grin is because the woman told the firefighter she hadn’t been carried like this since her wedding night.


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