Calgary – June 20th, 2013

On the evening of pouring rain and extremely cool temperatures for this time of the year, I was busy getting ready for my newest granddaughter and didn’t notice the disaster about to unfold. It was June 20th, Thursday night in 2013.

With two weeks away from the famous Calgary Stampede, who could know that a disaster, now labelled the worst disaster in Canada’s History was about to unfold.  My son, considered one of the first responders as a tow-truck driver worked all Thursday night.  His child was scheduled to be born the next Thursday, exactly a week away.  In the following days he continued to work sometimes day and night. I have only admiration and praise for every and all first responders.


There are two large rivers, the Bow and the Elbow, along with numerous creeks.  Between the abnormal amount of rain and the spring run-off from the mountains that loom by so closely, nature told her story.  A large portion of Calgary flooded including the complete downtown area and Calgary’s beloved Stampede grounds. Our Calgary Flames Hockey team arena – the Saddledome.  The Saddledome was scheduled to hold the entertainment, with concerts long sold out.  The Saddledome – from its basement of electronics to the tenth seats was filled with water. But the show will go on.  We are Calgary.  Calgary Stampede Sign for 2013

This is an example, regardless of how much we try to control the forces of nature we are proved we can’t.  There is no one anywhere, even combined, that can control nature.  I feel it’s arrogant on man’s part to even try. We are nothing but tiny specks on the earth’s surface.

And we are Calgary, a breed by ourselves.  We do not try to change or control nature.  But we can meet any disaster nature throws at us.  And we can prove it.


5 thoughts on “Calgary – June 20th, 2013

  1. While these two deadly natural disasters happened centuries ago, the still unfolding earthquake-tsunami catastrophe in Japan reminds us that mother nature at her most destructive can still overpower our sophisticated modern technology and engineering. We would be wise to apply caution in all our dealings with her.

  2. This is a list of disasters (man-made and natural) in Canada arranged by date. For a list organized by number fatigue , see List of Canadian disasters by death toll .

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