Writing – follow your instincts.

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As the urge invaded, I decided to write a difficult, complex story.  Seraphim is a story of abusive love, losing faith and renewal of faith in God and people.  In the spring I begin to understand renewal, but am having difficulty reasoning ‘how’ my character might understand.

With difficulties of abuse (both physical and mental), being a young teen when she has a child and no financial means to support her child, Delaney’s life is understandably complex and difficult.  Brought up Catholic she has trouble believing God could be so cruel and harsh.  She has done nothing wrong in her mind to deserve such punishment.  Yet her husband, an older man, a sheriff (who knows and uses the law in his favor), continues getting his way with no repercussions whatsoever.  

At this point I was getting confused – what possible reason would make her leave her husband after twelve years and what might  make her realize it’s up to her to change her life? I shelved my story and waited for something to ‘click’ which I tried to accept might be never.

Then what seemed like a normal occurrence, turned into guidance.  I started reading The Forgotten God.  My confusion has lightened.  I am getting my questions answered by researching to understand.

I am discovering research is not only a way to get facts, but also to get the inspiration and emotions needed to write a good story.  Be open for signs.

Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

2 thoughts on “Writing – follow your instincts.

  1. I definitely agree that writing is an intuitive thing and one must listen to what they feel inside. Also, since it is a creative process, deadlines that one sets with oneself do not always coincide with the process itself. Sometimes things take longer to be made better.

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