Roberta’s personal thoughts – Hawk’s Gift

Hawk's Gift by Mary M. Forbes

Oh my, oh my –  I could just sit and stare at this guy for hours and hours.  Everything about him is so fascinating. What on earth is happening to me.  This guy is a loser and definitely not my type at all.  I should just walk away and get on with my life – but…  My dreams are centered all around him now.  What should I do?  He makes me laugh.  He makes my heart  flutter with anticipation.  He makes my just living fun.

But I wonder what will happen in the future?  There seems to be no future  It’s only now, the present with him. But what an unforgettable  wonderful present. I wish I could change him and he would be perfect.  But I’ve learned there is no changing another person.  They can only change themselves.  I know that.


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