Wade’s personal thoughts – One Dance with a Stranger

One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. Forbes

When I saw who Tony’s fiancee was I felt fear.  And that anger I need to control, that anger I sometimes feel doesn’t need controlling – ‘who cares anyway?’. Of all people Tony does not deserve Emily.

She is nothing like I imagined from her picture and she is everything I imagined.  The conflict is confusing.  Since I stared at her picture for years, thinking she was perfect, it’s not possible she can be better than perfect, but she is.  That haughty, don’t touch me look is almost transparent.  She can say what she wants, but that lonely girl expression is still in her eyes.  She does look like an ice-queen, just like Tony said.  But can’t he see below the surface?  Is he that shallow?  Of course he is.  Tony is who he is and I can’t change it either.  But I can help Emily see what he is. The biggest favor anyone could do for her is get her away from him.

Oh, oh, mom is looking at me oddly.  Why can’t she see who Tony really is? Because she’s his mother, that’s why.  Mom doesn’t want her sons to fight and I can imagine her words if we start fighting over a girl.

Emily says something scornful about my Texas drawl.  I grin with amusement.  Oh Emily you are just too much of a challenge to ignore. Mom and Tony slip from my mind and there is only Emily and I.


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