Writing Rule #2 – Truth or Myth?

Writing Rule #2:  POV – true or false?

One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M. Forbes

All advice I’ve ever heard when writing is keeping your Point of View in one person’s thoughts.  I mostly follow this rule but was amazed when my favorite romance author, Judith McNaught didn’t follow this and created one of the most poignant, sexy scenes between a couple in her story –  Something Wonderful.  It’s her heroine’s first kiss and she is not even slightly interested. Her hero is well aware of his charm and where kisses can lead.  The thoughts jump back and forth between the hero and the heroine.  McNaught broke the POV rule to create a unique, memorable kiss.   


2 thoughts on “Writing Rule #2 – Truth or Myth?

  1. Hi Mary, I just read a column recently about changing POV’s and it was really clear that in order for those changes to work the author has to be very careful and very experienced. I think, by what you have described that between McNaught and her editor much work would have had to be put into that scene to make it readable and not misunderstood.

    • You’re probably right. It’s interesting though to see a writing rule broken and just make the book better. It reminds me of ‘think outside the box’.

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