Moving on: – The Villa – Dominican Republic

Between Sosua and Cabarete – up the hills ‘they’ call mountains and we moved to my brother’s villa in the Dominican.  It was an exciting time.  I was looking forward to seeing the local life-styles.  The villa was beautiful with enough bedrooms, each with a bathroom and a private patio, we could all have our privacy, but be together.

It was wonderful to get up early in the morning.  There was always a breeze to sit by the pool with my coffee. It was here we had many lively discussions, some heated as siblings are apt to do and also shared many memories of our childhood days.  From my upstairs patio I could see glimpses of the ocean through the palms and foliage.   Villa View from back bedroom Villa View from front bedroom

Pat's Villa - front Pat's villa swimming pool Pat's villa back of house Pat's villa living room Pat's Villa - back shaded patio

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