From the Villa – Sosua

The town of Sosua was larger and this is where we went grocery shopping.  The stores were different than what we are used to.  Each store is individual and sells specific items. There are no department stores.  There are no fast-food services. We soon learned milk as we know it cannot be purchased in the Dominican.  Milk is like our canned milk there. The lovely real-estate lady, Marchina, suggested we contact a local farmer to get our dairy products.

There appears to be only one highway – loaded with traffic and especially small bikes (like mo-peds) everywhere.  These bikes are mostly rickety and falling apart and they seem to go and do as they please. Most of the cars were in no better shape.  The trucks were small – somewhat like our dump-trucks and ruled the road. So it amazed me there weren’t more accidents, but there wasn’t.  I rarely saw the police and never saw an accident.

The side streets that go anywhere but to villa’s or areas of town are rare. As we were driving along exploring we went down a street and discovered we were on a narrow, busy street filled with shops and people.  We were in downtown Sosua and there appeared to be no way out.  So we wound, turned and stopped on the side to let vehicles pass.  Finally after miles of driving it seemed we managed to get back on the main, only highway. Downtown was again like nothing I’d ever seen either.  We went to downtown Sosua to a small casino one night.  It was nothing like I expected either.  After spending hundreds and hundreds of pesos in the few machines they had – I discovered I lost $10.00. In the Dominican prostitution is legal and signs of this are all around in the downtown area.

I didn’t see many homes or shops being torn down.  They mainly appeared abandoned then something built beside it.  I assumed it was the ‘new’ shop.  I never found out if that’s the case.

Sosua - downtown Sosua - downtown Sosua - downtown Sosua - downtown #4 Sosua - downtown #10 Sosua - downtown Sosua - downtown
Downtown Sosua

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