From the Villa – Shopping in Cabarete

The day we went shopping for our grandchildren we discovered a whole new Cabarete. Again my brother’s wonderful Real-Estate lady told us where to go.  Between the main highway shops and stores are little pathways – filled with shops of all sorts.  They all lead to the beach filled with bars and restaurants.  It was an exciting discovery, so much fun and so different.

My brother, who travels all over the world all the time, wasn’t interested in shopping so he sat and waited in the most unique, funniest pub – Jose O’Shay’s Irish Pub.  They had money and licence plates from all over the world hanging above the huge square bar, including Canadian Tire money.  It was so funny.

In the ocean the waters are loaded with kite surfers.  There is even a beach called Kite Beach.

Jose O'Shay's Cabarete - Kite Surfing Jose O'Shay's Irish Pub Cabarete - Beach

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