From the Villa – Cabarete

A few miles on the other side of the Villa – is a beautiful little town – Cabarete.  When driving through on the highway it is cleaner than Sosua and the road (highway) is wider. The same ‘specialty’ shops are available (pharmacy to garages) but there is no large grocery store.  We noticed there are some nice restaurants along the highways.  We went to one our second night out.  It was along the ocean and the food was excellent – Italian. Who doesn’t like Italian food.

One time we stopped in a gas station for water.  I watched the guy ahead of me as the clerk carefully wrapped his four beer bottles with napkins.  I tried to ask why but no one seemed to understand me. When my brother came I realized I should have said serviettes, not napkins.  It turns out it’s so you don’t hurt your fingers when you twist the cap off.  Talk about service.

Cabarete - Ocean Cabarete - Ocean #7 Nola in Cabarete cafe by the ocean Cabarete ocean - #2

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