Barcelo Resort – Dominican Republic – #5

Outside the resort was a little shopping mall, where many people were eager to sell tourists services and items.  It was a pleasant two-block walk from the resort.

Prostitution is legal in the Dominican.  I was told a horror story of young girls forced to make money for??????????????????????????????? their pimps.  When I was in the little mall there was the cutest young girl who insisted she give me first a pedicure and then a manicure.  She was so cute and I was somewhat fearful she needed the money.  So – I was conned as she painted my nails – jagged edges, no filing.  But she was so friendly and cheerful I didn’t regret my decision. However, when she wanted to braid my hair – I resisted.  I don’t like anything in my hair.??????????????????????????????? Inside little cafe beside private pool ???????????????????????????????

7 thoughts on “Barcelo Resort – Dominican Republic – #5

    • I like nails and especially pedicures, but I just got my nails painted – chips/polish and jagged edges too. It was like no other manicure I’d ever had. I know from past experience that even putting my hair up irritates me. I don’t know why.

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