A sample – Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

Seraphim will be available in May in both e-book and printed copy form.  Visit my Amazon site to learn more in May.

A small sample of Seraphim – by Mary M. Forbes

As a young girl she had believed if she was good, God would reward her.  If she was bad, God would punish her.  Everything in her life since leaving the orphanage indicated the opposite.  In her life now the devil, like the fury of the wind, whirled around touching everyone, allowing them to do evil at will. Meanwhile God did nothing.

“Why God… why,” Delaney moaned to the heavens.  But the heavens were blocked by the charcoal, dark clouds. She stared at the trees surrounding the rest area.  Their leaves rustled and slashed in the winds and rain.

Her eyes widened, playing tricks on her chaotic thoughts. A white glowing mist, sparkling sunbeams, made the parking lot look like a dome of light. She rubbed her eyes and looked up.  There was only darkness above.  The rain continued to slash its’ fury out of black, swirling clouds.

Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

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