Seraphim – a new novel by Mary M. Forbes

To be released sometime in May, 2013.  Seraphim will be available in both e-book and printed format.  Visit Amazon in May to order.

Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

Delaney Bayer wants to escape her marriage, but she fears her husband’s power as a Sheriff. She feels abandoned by her religion considering the hardships she is faced with for no apparent reason. She has no money, no skills and no one to help.

The unthinkable happens when her daughter is violated by the same monster abusing her. Delaney knows she has no other choice but to run. She accepts there is no God and there are no Guardian Angels. She must leave using only her own questionable ingenuity.

A white, mystical horse named Seraphim comes to her when all seems lost. Delaney is confused, believing she is insane like so many people say.  Is Seraphim her Guardian Angel or a figment of her imagination? Does she dare believe?

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