Seraphim – the title of my soon to be released novel.

In Isaiah’s call-vision in the Temple, he sees Seraphim surrounding the throne of God, singing praise to God; the “Thrice Holy” hymn.  In this instance they are angelic beings but in the Book of Numbers, seraph-snakes are sent to punish the Israelite. Some of the Seraphim are Gabriel, and Lucifer.

In writing my novel, I chose the name Seraphim as my heroine’s personal guardian angel, who comes down to earth in the form of a white horse to help guide her attempts to escape the abuse and  horrors she has been exposed to. This story deals with topics physical, mental abuse as well as grief.

But it is a fiction piece, with a romantic element as well as the hope that I love to create in all I write.  Seraphim will be available in print and e-book form sometime in May of this year.

   Seraphim by Mary M. Forbes

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